Toyotomi warranty terms and guarantee


All our products are subject to a two-year warranty upon being purchased.
A four-year guarantee applies to all heating appliances from the day they are bought. It does not affect the two-year warranty.
All materials and manufacturer’s defects will be repaired free of charge during this period.

The following rules apply:
1. We explicitly reject all additional claims for damages, including compensation for consequential damage.
2. The repair, substitution or replacement of parts during the warranty period does not extend the warranty.
3. The warranty shall expire if modifications are made, parts other than genuine parts are installed or repairs are performed by the buyer or a third party.
4. The warranty shall only apply if the original purchase contract is presented (unchanged and with the purchase date).
5. The warranty shall not apply to damage attributable to action which is contrary to the purpose of the appliance, neglect or the use of incorrect or out-of-date fuel. The use of incorrect fuel can be dangerous!
6. In the case of appliances whose warranty has expired, we can prepare a cost estimate for you. A flat fee of 50 euros is charged for a cost estimate, with this sum being deducted from the price in the event that the repair work is performed.

The warranty does not cover:
Wearing parts: Parts which are subject to normal wear and tear, such as the ignition coil, batteries, wick and siphon pump, are not covered by the warranty.

Please use the original box for return transport. We are not liable for any damages do to
an insufficient packaging.

The warranty does not apply in the event that fuel is used which does not comply with
the technical specifications of European heater suppliers and the strict European laws
and standards (DIN 51603-1 and Arrêté). This can be ascertained by our service
The delivery costs go to the expense of the seller.

To avoid incurring unnecessary costs, we recommend that you always read the instructions for use carefully. If your problem persists, please do not hesitate to call us.