Wick heater


ZIBRO’s portable heaters are the ideal solution for anywhere in the home. Our portable ZIBRO heaters are ready to use right away and do not need a flue or a power connection. All they need is a sufficient air supply. A power supply is only required for ZIBRO laser heaters. For a snug and energy-efficient home.


ZIBRO heaters are easy to operate and heat precisely the space that you want to make cosy and warm. In addition, they convert almost their entire fuel into heat, and as such boast heating efficiency of close to 100%. Which means none of that valuable energy goes to waste – all the energy released is used to heat the room. The heaters’ pleasant radiant heat makes your home cosier and enables you to reduce your heating costs at the same time.

For maximum comfort, please use FIRELUX PLUS, which is available in our online shop.


ZIBRO – the heater!

No flue – No power connection – No fuel oil – No gas

Economical – Portable – Environmentally friendly – Long-lasting – Four-year warranty!


Suitable for use in, for example:

Apartment / House / Allotment building / Camping awning / Summer house / Conservatory / Workshop / Patio / Cellar / Weekend home / Greenhouse / Building site / Hobby room / Warehouse etc.