FF-laser heater

New! FF-30T heater runs with oil

Emission-free and energy-efficient

With a flue pipe!

Removable tank!

Manual oil-pump included.

The “pipe-within-pipe” system is a unique advanced heating system. The outside pip of the venting system brings in outside air for combustion while the inner pipe exhausts all combustion to the outside.

The result is smokeless, odourless and clean heating!

Heat exchangers

The special efficient and economical heat exchangers made of stainless steel outperform oil and gas systems, and are more economical than wood burners and electric heating. The heater carries the highest efficiency code and 92,4% rating.

Automatic cut-out

The heater cuts out automatically if it fails to ignite or if a problem occurs with the flame during the combustion process.

This prevents fuel leakage. An error code then appears on the digital display.

Overheat protector

The heater cuts out automatically when the heating chamber gets too hot.

Built-in fan

The cycle fan circulates the clean and pleasant heat quickly and evenly throughout the room. The fan power is set automatically.

Energy-saving mode

If the room temperature exceeds the desired temperature by, for example, 6°C, the appliance cuts out automatically. It then automatically reignites once the room temperature has fallen below the desired temperature again. This saves energy.

Electronic digital display

This gives you an overview of all the heat functions, the current temperature and much more besides.

Backup system

In the event of a power failure while the heater is on, the appliance will switch off. It will then reignite automatically when the power comes back on.

Full ventilation

The flue pipe brings outside air in to maintain combustion and takes the combustion products and emits them outside.

Timer function

With the integrated weekly timer, you can programme up to 30 different times of your choosing, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Automatic cleaning mode

Automatic cleaning is performed once the heater has been running at the maximum setting for more than two hours. This process takes five minutes. During cleaning, the appliance runs at its lowest setting, then automatically reverts to the maximum setting upon completion of the cleaning process.

Child safety lock

This button locks all other buttons with the exception of the on/off button.