Zibro LC-150 – The strongest! 4.650 watts

Zibro LC-150 – the strongest!

Technical specifications:

  • Heating system: laser heater without wick
  • Heat output: 1.450 – 4.650 watts
  • Room capacity: 30-76 m2, 75-190 m3
  • Tank capacity: 7,6 litres
  • Tank burning time: 15,7 – 50 hours
  • Consumption: 0,151 – 0,484 litres/hour
  • Dimensions: 550 x 328 x 445 mm
  • Weight: 13,5 kg



Zibro LC-150 – new 2016/2017 – the strongest!!!

Product description

Instead of having a wick, Zibro’s laser heaters operate on the basis of a cutting-edge injection process in which the fuel is injected into the combustion chamber under high pressure, where it automatically combusts and then ignites. Two flame sensors guarantee clean and safe combustion.


The laser heaters do not require any installation or flue, and are suitable for use wherever you need heating. All you need is a socket for the power supply. The entire room will feel pleasantly snug within minutes of the heater being electrically ignited.

The heater weighs just 13,5 kg and is therefore easy to move around.


Like all of our Zibro heaters, the laser heater, which is manufactured in Japan, meets the necessary safety standards.

We offer a four-year warranty on all Zibro heaters!


Special features:

Electronic display with timer

You can programme the laser heater in accordance with your needs.

‘VENT’ Indicator

When the VENT indicator starts blinking, this is a sign that the room is not vented sufficiently. The heater will switch off automatically. If the indicator continues blinking after extra ventilation, please contact your dealer.

Automatic deactivation

Automatic deactivation: This heater is fitted with a safety system that ensures that it switches off automatically after 65 hours continuous operation. The following will then appear in the display: . If desired, you can switch the heater on again by pressing the button L.


When the heater has been burning continuously for two hours at its highest setting, the burner will automatically start an autoclean procedure. When the burner is clean again, the heater will automatically switch back to the highest setting again.

Childproof lock / Parental control

The childproof lock can be used to prevent children accidentally changing the heater settings. When the heater is burning and the childproof lock is on, the heater can only be switched off. Other functions are blocked then. If the heater has already been switched off, the childproof lock also prevents accidental ignition of the heater.  The KEY-LOCK indicator will appear on the information display, indicating that the childproof lock has been activated.

‘SAVE’ function

It allows you to limit the temperature. When this function is activated, the heater will automatically switch off, when the room temperature exceeds the set temperature by 3°C. Subsequently, when the room temperature has dropped again to the set temperature, the heater will automatically switch on again.

Tip-over cut-out

The appliance cuts out automatically when it begins to tip over.

We recommend you use Firelux as a fuel, as this burns cleanly and is free of sulphur and aromatics.


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