Toyotomi TD-ZM80 dehumidifier desiccant

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Toyotomi TDZM80

Environmentally friendly, economical, extremely quiet, compact and light, no coolant required, top performance, easy to operate

For a healthy indoor climate in your apartment/house, in the cellar, on a building site, in the conservatory, in the garage, etc.

Technical specifications:

  • Dehumidification in humidity of
  • 30°C/80%: 8 litre
  • 27°C/60%: 8 litre
  • 20°C/60%: 7 litre
  • Power consumption: 350-620 watts
  • Room capacity: 35-45 cubic metre
  • Compressor type: no compressor
  • Coolant: no
  • Dust filter: yes
  • Antibacterial filter: yes
  • Water tank: 2,2 litres, removable
  • Weight: 6,1 kg
  • Dimensions: 32 x 212 x 476 mm
  • Voltage: 220-240/50V/Hz

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Toyotomi dehumidifiers  create healthy and pleasant room conditions!

A Toyotomi dehumidifier can be used in addition to correct ventilation and heating in order to achieve just the right level of humidity at home. The use of a dehumidifier is especially recommended in windowless bathrooms in order to prevent mould from building up, for example. Toyotomi dehumidifiers are environmentally friendly, extremely quiet, compact and very light. They do not require any coolant and have a high performance level.

You can also use our dehumidifiers to dry rooms more quickly and more thoroughly in the event of major water damage due to, for example, a burst pipe.

The rotor drying principle

The air to be dried is fed to the sorption dryer by a fan. There is a drying wheel – the rotor – within the module, which is constantly rotating. This rotor is honeycomb-shaped and comprises a large number of axially arranged channels.

The rotor’s hygroscopic effect removes the moisture from the air. The water molecules have to be continuously removed from the rotor. To this end, a second fan is used to suck in air, which is heated to a high temperature and passed over the rotor independently of the other airflows.

The high temperature of this air causes the rotor moisture to evaporate and this warm water vapour is sucked away by an air tube. This is what’s called a regeneration airflow. The dry air introduced to the room remains in the appliance.



Product description



Rotor drying – no compressor

The dehumidifier operates on the basis of drying agent rotor technology. This is environmentally friendly, does not involve any harmful gases and is very quiet.

Permanent operation

The appliance can be set up to operate around the clock with the help of a drainage tube.

The advantages of desiccant rotor are: no refrigerant is used, environmentally friendly, no compressors, light weight, small size and low noise. These dehumidifiers even work well under low relative humidity and at low temperature.

The principle of the rotor dryer: The air, that needs to be dried travels by a fan in an absorption column. A desiccant wheel is constantly rotating. This wheel has a honeycombed structure and is composed through many channels. Thanks to the desiccant material of the rotor, the humidity of the treated air (water molecules) is continuously removed from the rotor. For this purpose, the air is sucked through a second fan and heated to high temperatures.

Because of the high temperature the moisture evaporates and the heated water vapor is discharged through the pipeline. The dry air is released to the environment. This SX-DUOS provides a fast and a uniform air flow heating. Due to the absence of heat loss the performance coefficient is 97%.

Automatic function

A sensor automatically monitors the humidity of the room.


Automatic moving louvre

You can choose from three settings to facilitate even drying.


Light and portable

The dehumidifier is easy to move around thanks to an integrated handle, its compact form and its light weight.


Choose your preferred operating time (two, four or eight hours). The appliance will then switch off automatically. If the timer is not activated, the appliance will continue to operate until the water tank is full.

Auto restart

The appliance restarts automatically after a power failure.

Dust filter

The dust in the room is absorbed.

Antibacterial filter

Silver nanoparticles in the filter kill bacteria and thus improve the air quality.

Clothes drying mode

You can choose between an economy and a turbo setting.

Benefits of this principle

No coolant is needed, making it highly environmentally friendly. Not having a compressor, the appliance operates very quietly, and is also small and light.

This principle also works very well in the case of low humidity and a low room temperature. The heating process kills bacteria, germs and allergens in the air.


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