Wick 65mm

Wick 65mm

For Kero/Tosai/Tayosan 260 and 360



Wick 65mm

Wick 65mm: Kero 260, Kero 360, Tayosan 260, Tayosan 360, Tosai 260, Tosai 360

For a long life of your wick use Firelux!

Firelux Plus is a reliable and clean fuel which is low in aromatics and which burns cleanly. It is ideal for use in paraffin heaters. It is also sulphur-free, odourless and completely recyclable. Avoid using fuels such as lamp oil and bioethanol, as these will clog up the wick over time and will therefore reduce the heat output.


Clean fuel for clean combustion

Firelux Plus is made with extremely pure, highly refined crude oil distillates, making it a very clean fuel for use in portable paraffin heaters. Thanks to its reduced pollutant levels, this clean heater fuel guarantees clean combustion and therefore also fewer odours when the appliance is switched on or off. This also results in lower wick/burner wear, which therefore extends the heater’s lifespan.


The fuel has a high flashpoint of more than 61°C and is therefore not subject to the provisions regarding the carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR).


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